Indecisive Moments


Media: 118 35mm slides, 2 synched slide projectors with dust covers, dissolve unit, projector stand, screen, and exhibition checklist on paper. Continuous projection, each loop lasts approximately 20 minutes. Dimensions variable.

About the Museum of Fauxtography: The Museum of Fauxtography is the only museum collecting and documenting the existence of fauxtography: light sensitive images that appear in motion pictures. Through exhibitions, lectures, and a website, the museum shares its archive of fauxtography with the public.

The museum's website and its inaugural exhibition, Indecisive Moments, were produced in conjunction with The Center for Ongoing Research & Projects.

Description: The inaugural exhibition from the Museum of Fauxtography illustrates the ability of the fauxtographic image to not only document change, but to actually change, move or contain information that is not always visible to the human eye. These occurrences are often the result of one of several factors: strong memories, anxiety, fear, analysis with imaginary tools, time travel, magic, supernatural events and other unexplained phenomena. Most of these images undergo transformations beyond the chemical development of the latent image – they vanish, they reappear, their subjects change and they trap people in them long after they have been exposed and developed.

Indecisive Moments brings these images together for the first time at The Center for Research & Ongoing Projects.