The Morgue of Memories


Media: 14 35mm slides, 14 slide projectors with dust covers, custom slide projector controller, motion sensors, vinyl wall treatment, and 4-page exhibition catalogue. Duration: 14 minutes. Dimensions variable.

About the Museum of Fauxtography: The Museum of Fauxtography is the only museum collecting and documenting the existence of fauxtography: light sensitive images that appear in motion pictures. Through exhibitions, lectures, and a website, the museum shares its archive of fauxtography with the public.

Description: Selected from the thousands of images contained in the Museum of Fauxtography’s archive, The Morgue of Memories presents fourteen portraits taken by fourteen unknown fauxtographers. These images are not traditionally exhibited in the context of an art museum or gallery, instead they are hung on walls in homes, kept on nightstands, placed in wallets, and displayed at memorial services. Organized in chronological order, the faces in this exhibition belong to people who have passed away, many of them under unusual circumstances.